Inner Temple Book Prize 2010

The Inner Temple is promoting the 2015 Book Prize to coincide with the 800th Anniversary of the Sealing of Magna Carta. It is intended to be an integral part of the legal world’s commemorative celebrations. The two billion people in the world today live in common law jurisdictions, and they are the Charter’s direct heirs. Every modern constitution and statement of civil liberties has adopted its contents.

These ancient principles of law have been enriched and enlivened over the centuries by outstanding scholarship, research and teaching. Today, these Prizes attract entries from every part of the globe and it has already become one of the highest honours that legal authorship can aspire to.

The Inn is offering two Prizes, one of £12,000 and one of £5,000, which are open for competition. The Prizes are intended to encourage and reward the writing of books which make an outstanding contribution to the understanding of the law and in this way to mark the Inn's long standing commitment to legal scholarship and to the education and training of practising and intending lawyers. The £5,000 prize will be confined to “new authors” i.e. those who, at the date of publication, are within ten years of being awarded a first degree or being admitted as a practising lawyer (whether in any part of the United Kingdom or elsewhere) whichever period is the shorter. It is intended that the Prizes will be offered again in 2018, and thereafter at three-yearly intervals.

Nomination forms will be available from mid-August. Please see the Rules of Entry section for more information on eligibility.